Dr. Jerel P. Calzo, PhD, MPH

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(he/him/his) Dr. Jerel Calzo is an Associate Professor in the Division of Health Promotion and Behavioral Science at San Diego State University (SDSU). He is a developmental psychologist with postdoctoral training in social epidemiology. Prior to coming to SDSU, Dr. Calzo was an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School, and a Research Scientist in the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Calzo’s research focuses on adolescent and young adult health, gender, sexual orientation, and community-based participatory research (CBPR) approaches.  His current research interests include partnering with school and community-based programs to develop evidence-based practices to support positive youth development and resilience among LGBTQIA+ youth, and using survey and mixed method research designs to examine and address health inequities among LGBTQIA+ populations, particularly in the areas of eating disorders and substance use.