Drawing from resilience and positive youth development frameworks, the ARCHES Lab conducts research that (1) identifies individual, school-, and community-level factors that promote healthy development among LGBTQ+ youth, and (2) develops tools to address health disparities faced by LGBTQ+ youth. With funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Institute for Education Sciences, the ARCHES Lab collaborates on longitudinal, mixed-method, and multi-site research (Massachusetts, New York, California) that evaluates how school-based Gender & Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) contribute to well-being and positive academic outcomes among LGBTQ+ youth. In addition, the ARCHES Lab supports GSAs engaged in youth participatory action research projects to investigate youth-identified issues and change the settings and systems that serve LGBTQ+ youth.

Current and Past Funding:

  • IES R305A190165 (PI: Poteat, CA and NY Site PIs: Calzo, Yoshikawa), 2019-2024
  • NIH R01MD009458 (PI: Poteat, Co-Is: Calzo, Yoshikawa), 2015-2019
  • CSU Faculty Start-Up Funding (Calzo)